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In-line filter type PIF-7500

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Plation in-line filter type PIF-7500. Plation in-line filter with a replaceable cartridge with activated carbon and Plation bulbs. Suitable for use at 1 tapping point in a boat, camper or caravan.
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In-line filter type PIF-7500

Plation in-line filter type PIF-7500.

Plation in-line filter with a replaceable cartridge with activated carbon and Plation spheres. Suitable for application on 1 tapping point in boat, camper or caravan.

Capacity: 7500 liters
Size: 215 x 140 x 145 mm (h x w x d)
Connection: both sides ½ "female thread
Lifespan: 7500 liters or 2 years

The PIF-7500 is supplied with plastic mounting bracket (for wall-mounted) and installation key (for changing filter cartridge).

Do you often go on holiday to countries (Mediterranean area) where the drinking water is chlorinated and of lower quality? With the Plation In-line Filter you have fresh and safe drinking water without any chlorine taste.

  • Plation In-line filters are unique and produce delicious, fresh and safe drinking water
  • keep the filter clean
  • Remove, among other things, chlorine / chlorine-containing substances and bacteria from the drinking water
  • Have a large filter capacity and long service life

Activated carbon is a very effective "adsorption" medium due to the enormous internal surface area and is used worldwide to remove harmful substances from drinking water. Activated carbon not only absorbs bacteria but also provides water with a good taste, without smell. The disadvantage of activated carbon is that it is very sensitive to bacterial growth. Bacteria present in drinking water adhere to / in pores of the activated carbon where they subsequently multiply rapidly. Due to bacterial growth, activated carbon in drinking water filters has a low lifespan.

Plation In-line Filter: unique combination of activated carbon and Plation spheres!

By combining the activated carbon with Plation bulbs, the activated carbon remains clean and the drinking water filter has a significantly longer life span!

Because of the continuous release of silver ions through the Plation bulbs, active carbon is "charged" continuously with silver ions, so that the filter medium remains clean, even if the filter is not used for a long time and the water is standing still.

The natural release process of silver ions from the silver-ceramic spheres, due to the composition of the spheres, is very slow. As a result, the bulbs have a long lifespan and considerable amounts of water can be treated with the Plation In-line Filters.

Placement Plation In-line Filters

The Plation In-line Filters can be easily installed in the pipeline after drinking water tank and pump or directly for tap or shower tap. The filter is supplied with a plastic mounting bracket (for placement against the wall) and a plastic mounting key (for changing the cartridge).

Technical data Plation In-line Filters

PIF-7500  suitable for application at 1 tapping point
PIF-15000  suitable for up to 2 taps or 1 frequently used tapping point
(eg in boat / camper with kitchen tap and shower / toilet)
PIF-50000  suitable for 2 or more tapping points
(eg larger boat, mobile home, holiday home)

The lifetime of the Plation filters (filter cartridges) is determined by the maximum capacity (liters of treated water) and / or maximum 2-year life of the filter cartridge. This means that if after 2 years the maximum capacity has not been realized, the filter cartridge must be replaced. This i.v.m. the life span of the Plation spheres and saturation of the activated carbon.Replacement of the cartridge is easy to achieve by means of the included installation key.

Technical specifications Plation In-line Filters

Type PIF Maximum capacity * (liter) Maximum life span * Dimensions HxWxD (mm)
(with suspension)
Maximum water pressure
Maximum temperature
(degrees C)
(inch ", BSP)
PIF-7500 7.500  2 years 215x140x145 6 50 1/2 "female thread
PIF-15000 15,000 2 years 340x140x145 6 50 1/2 "female thread
PIF-50000 50,000 2 years 400x230x220 6 50 3/4 "female thread


  • Maximum capacity and service life apply to the filter cartridge. In normal use, the filter housing has a service life of> 10 years.
  • Maximum capacity is based on drinking water without chlorine. When used in chlorinated drinking water, chlorine breakdown can occur as a result of saturation of the activated carbon.

Technical specifications filter cartridges

Type PIF Maximum capacity (liters) Maximum lifespan Dimensions
HxD (mm)
Maximum water pressure (bar) Maximum temperature (degrees C)
PIF-7500C 7.500 2 years 130x72 6 50
PIF-15000C 15,000 2 years 247x72 6 50
PIF-50000C 50,000 2 years 247x118 6 50


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