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OptiClimate PRO3 / PRO4



The model of OptiClimate water-cooled cools the air using water as a refrigerant and heats by ceramic resistances. The cold water is used to cool the air, which in turn heats the water from 35ºC to 50ºC. It is ideal for cooling objects near water sources, such as a building next to a canal, a boat house, a yacht, a swimming pool or a greenhouse. The OptiClimate model with water cooling is especially suitable for historic buildings and monuments, where it is not allowed to install outdoor units.


The OptiClimate model air-cooled (Opticlimate Split) works according to the same principle as the version with water cooling. But the OptiClimate Split uses air as a refrigerant, instead of water. The OptiClimate Split has an outdoor unit that must be installed at a distance of no more than 30 meters. The split unit is delivered with flexible hoses and quick couplings. For the installation, it is not necessary to call a technician. The split unit can also be easily disassembled.

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